Hello Beloved, how are you doing at this time of the day?
How well has life treated you or should I say how much of your heart desires have you been able to achieve in recent times?

I understand how difficult it may seem but if I may confess, you are very much closer to achieve unexpected goals in life because from the little I have been able to gather, at one point or the other if one must succeed in life, one of the major steps to take is to isolate him or herself. I know this sounds funny but I am a living witness to this and if you are familiar enough with me you should get to know that I do not preach what I do not practice.
I know it’s been a while since I rolled my dice because I have written mostly in the past few days based on recommendations. But today I had to roll it and it was you who came out at the top. I urge you to please tag along as I continue to write this letter, I promise you not to be boring and most importantly to let you know that you being lonely is never the end of it all, rather it is time for you to hit your potentials.
At times I laugh when people say they are “lonely” in life. Of course we know this comes in different ways.
Most at times, situations or circumstances put us in this state of loneliness, some can be avoided or worked on by we ourselves while some others needs the help of people around us and in some cases spiritual assistance too.
I want to talk about those of us that have been lonely because we on our own decided to go solo for a period of time, to stay away for a period of time or to keep ourselves to ourselves for a period of time.
Disappointments from people around us usually places us in this particular state because we turn out to be scared to give in to the things around us any longer because we have become scared of being hurt again. This is not bad if it happens for a period of time but trust me if it takes too long it becomes an issue because gradually you will be locked out of this world and I need not to explain to you what that means.
When you have all the time to yourself with fewer or no one around it is actually an opportunity for you to think very deep and be creative. You have all the time to think uninterruptedly. Your creativity level skyrockets to an unimaginable level, you become a deep thinker and a better analyst of situations. These few reasons alone will lead you to numerous goals you have always wanted to achieve in life.
You might be lonely for reasons best known to you but my earnest advice is that you make the best out of it while it lasts. If you can put it to the best use trust me once in a while you will want to go back to that state all because you want to be isolated for a while so as to explore your creativity levels over and over.
The only problem I personally have with this is when you stay in that zone for way too long, you become a ticking time bomb. I say so because your orientation and believe will change, you will feel since you have been there all to yourself no one will matter to you any longer in life. I don’t think I have to explain to you how dangerous this state of mind can become especially to people around you and the society at large.
Try as much as you can to get a favorable balance for you when you want to take a decision in life, always know that you can never strike a perfect balance. You just have to lean on the side with favorable opinions for you.
I will have to stop at this point.
Loneliness can never FINISH YOU, unless you let it, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and explore your options.
Yours Sincerely,

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