Hello darlings,
How do you do today? I’ll take it that you are doing great. 

I come bearing good news to those of you who believe in partial or total withdrawal from people and and environment(the introverts). I may know not if you were born that way or if it’s due to some circumstances in your past but I put it to you that people around have a problem with you because you’re unpredictable and may seem as a threat to them. 

However, temperaments are what make up our personality for without them one might not be able to distinguish one human from another. These temperaments may exist singly or multiply in one person but the ability to take control of it is the wheeling power we possess as humans. 

Although,it can be difficult to admit to yourself that you maybe an introvert because you have a “spoonful” of friends. Let me give you a few suggestions that might aid you in identifying who you truly are. 

– you enjoy having time to yourself because your best thinking occurs when you’re by yourself.
-you’re the last to raise your hand when someone asks for something from a group
-you often wear headphones when you’re in a public situation
-you receive more calls,texts and emails than you make, unless you have no choice. 

If you are nodding through all these suggestions, then you might as well be the person I’m talking to. Being an introvert definitely has its advantages because you enjoy reflecting on your own thoughts, you’ll be less likely to get bored when you’re alone than someone who needs constant social stimulation. But then again, the pros begin to out weigh the cons.
People who don’t know you might think you’re aloof or that you feel superior to them. You begin to get labelled as weird or snobby and a lot of negative traits are ascribed to you. You may often get overlooked and it’s difficult to blend in a noisy extroverted world. The worst is that you may begin to sink into depression because your thoughts begin to lead you and before you get to notice, the psychiatrist is already draining you with lessons that are as good as useless at that point. 

In order not to get too extreme, you should allow yourself, giving yourself permission to be a little more open in revealing your thoughts and feelings and this may help you make the best of both worlds.
Above all, talk to someone sometimes, get a friend or a couple of extroverted friends or even a pet. Just get close to something because we all need somebody to lean on!!! 

Yours truly,

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