Hello beloved friend, how are you doing today? How have you been able to cope with the travails of life. I really do hope you are finding it fun at least to some extent but if not, just stay with me on this letter I will do my best to ensure you get yourself out of that “prison” you have locked yourself up in for as long as you know best.
Well, if I must hit the nail on the head immediately, I will have to ask only but a few questions. The first is what exactly is it that has made you feel so wrong about yourself? Secondly, for how long do you want to keep living your life this way?
Guilt is something that eats us up so fast without us even having an idea of what exactly is happening.
I do not know what it is, but if I must advise you I will start by saying so far you are remorseful of your act, and you were bold enough to seek forgiveness which is a great step. The thing is this, once you do not forgive yourself from the inside first, you are indirectly wasting your time seeking the face of others to forgive you because even if they do, you will never feel any better.
You will have to settle the scores deep within you before you seek the settlement with others. Yes, life can be that tricky because what you carry inside of you whether you believe it or not influences almost completely your output as a human being.
It is good you feel guilty first of all, but are you in anyway remorseful? A lot of people do not get this actually. Being remorseful in my opinion is accepting firstly that you are wrong, if you do not accept being wrong then you will not even get any close to forgiving yourself. What exactly are you even forgiving yourself for? “You obviously did nothing”. Life can be funny you know.
I might not be in your exact shoes but trust me I know what it feels like to find yourself in such a situation and my sincere prayer for you is to get out of that phase as soon as you can. You can do it all by yourself.
I hope at least I was reasonable enough in this letter and it will by any means help your situation.
Just do not let your mistakes eat you up from within, start the process right away and you will get to feel what it means to be be free from guilt again.
You cannot be FINISHED, start by forgiving yourself, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and explore. Life is beautiful.
Yours Truly,

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