Hello Dear friend, how are you doing today?
How have you been able to cope with your affairs in life? I believe they have been going well to your satisfaction. How about the people around you, 

I hope they won’t pelt stones at you at every given opportunity. 

You know, in life a lot of us just delve into any kind of act we deem fit for us at a particular point in time not considering the after effect on us or our reputation. Some of us even end up making this dubious ways our habits our everyday lifestyle. This is really bad and is a major issue in our society today.

This letter is particularly aimed at addressing the double-faced entities we have around us today, you can equally refer to the as the twifaced, these people are particularly deceptive in multiple ways and have deliberately misled or cheated their way through the society we live in today.

Please pardon my language, I cannot think of a better way to pass my message.

At times I wonder how people prefer to live their lives in a more stressful way than just be real and straightforward, how someone will see the good and the bad and consciously pick the evil way to do things in life. This is amazing and quite unbelievable.

You know if it happens once or twice we can get to say maybe situations led you to that or something. But when it becomes a habit and you eventually become known for it then you have become a menace to the society.

As funny as it may sound a lot of these folks mistake this deceitful and dubious lifestyle for smartness. I don’t get it, like you cheat your way through and expect to be seen as smart? It just sounds so funny because the difference between these two ways of life is not anywhere close to a thin line, rather it is as glaring and obvious as the sky.

You can never be termed smart at the detriment of innocent people around you who simply put in their beliefs in you. How can you claim to be smart when all your life you have misled more people that come around you than otherwise.

I need not to remind you that if you refuse to change and turn a new leaf, a day of reckoning will surely come, that day is as unavoidable as the relationship between the tongue and our set of teeth. You cannot keep threading and taking advantage of people all through your life and expect life itself to sit back and smile at you. It doesn’t work that way, just be rest assured you will pay up some day. I am not trying to threaten you here but it’s an unavoidable reality.

Like I have always done, before I miss the main point of this letter, I want to urge you to look over to the other side and see how bright it is. You might not understand or believe this but your availability is really important to everyone there. We need you more on the good side of rather than the evil laden side. Please have a rethink and turn a new leaf, it not only for your good but also for everyone around. I can assure you will never regret it, life cannot be anymore fulfilling if we choose to impact positively in the lives of people around us.

Please do not let a deceptive and misleading lifestyle FINISH YOU, think of the people around you, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, change for the better, thank me later.

Yours Truly,

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