Hello Dear Friend over there, how are you doing at this time of the day? How has life treated you over the past few years, I believe you have got a box full of stories and experiences to disseminate. 
I personally cannot wait for you to put a part of it in writing no matter how small just to educate the world because you have plied a route you and I know never went smoothly as you expected. 
At times I really get amazed how people survive or live with such a way of life, a way of life so harsh that to me it almost seems you ain’t even living one at all.
I didn’t have to roll my dice before I decided to write you at this time but a series of requests left me with no option than to say at least a  “Hello” to you.
I know I will probably not get a reply from you, but I must ask these questions. how do you even cope? How do you fare with living such a fake and fabricated lifestyle? You and yourself know deep within you that you ain’t living a life, you are only surviving based on your anticipated opinions of others. You want to be seen as good when you are just a few inches far away from the devil himself. How could you be so deceitful over the years? Have you ever imagined how productive it would have been if you had channeled all those energy into something worthwhile? I know this probably might have never crossed your mind.
Life, from the little I have been able to gather is better lived as it is, you cannot feel the impacts of life any better if you are not true to yourself. You cannot be “Mr A” in your bedroom and be “Mr B” outside. Actually there is nothing wrong with that except when you criticize another person for living his own life publicly just the way you do in your closet. You present yourself to be a good person when deep down within you, you are as rotten ever.
You will end up hurting yourself in the nearest future, because when people eventually get to know who you really are, you will hate life so much and that if proper care is not taken or not handled properly, you will give a very big room for depression to set in. I do not want to think you will want to be anywhere close to that point in your life. But needless to say, this is a situation that is eminent in your life. The only way you can escape it is if you turn a new leaf right now.
Personally, I do not see a reason why you will choose to live your life in such h an odd way like this. Being real pays and it’s worth it, I have never come across anyone who regrets ever being true to him/herself. 
You are living your life by you and you alone. Do not let the society pressure you into wanting to become what you are not. It is your habit, embrace it to the fullest and stop hurting yourself by pretending.
Please try as much as you can to ponder on this few words of mine.
Do not let what people will think of you FINISH YOU, turn a new leaf, be real and true to yourself, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. You will never regret it.
Yours Truly,

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